The Great Overall Experience

Who the hell is DestinationEX?

Being a cyber travel host is fun. First and foremost, we are travellers. The fact that we ended up living here in a village in North Queensland, says something. For all our years on the road, it seems if we can return the hospitality we’ve enjoyed ourselves, it’s easier to do it where it’s seaside, it’s sweet and it’s tropical. That’s here.

The DestinationEX team comprises journalists, photographers, videoographers who research and update the site, along with managers and accountants who allow you to pre-book through the site. It’s a fun mix.

We don’t promote advertising or advertorial content in our reviews. We feel that if we’re are paid to say we love something and we don’t, we have a credibility problem. We do have a cyber shopping arcade on the way with no-holds-barred advertising, but it’s a separate shop. On-line, we maintain a core of creatives, but we also employ local travel agents who are busy securing travel arrangements for our inbound clients.

We’re an academic bunch, and much to our amazement, our gang has degrees in tourism and marketing, all sorts of weird computer degrees, marine biology, film and television, construction and development, accounting and fine arts. We’re also looking for a rocket scientist for our interplanetary guide to the hot spots of Uranus.
A disproportionate percentage of our team are musicians. And DJs. And film makers. And painters. Put it this way, walk into our workshop and walk into an eccentric world of Krishna meets Bill Gates, where CD players wore out so fast, we had to build our own radio station.

So DestinationEX is an odd lot, we love our life, our art, our fun and our adventure, but we believe in getting it together, (after our first coffee, anyway!) We’re not billionaires but we own Aus $6,000,000 or $7,000,000 in property (along with the bank) as a foundation for our more energetic businesses. We dabble in hotel management but with only a very upmarket lodge which we self-righteously deem the most fantastic lodge on earth.

Within our ranks we have a core partnership known as Tripnology. If you want a site built as real as this one, Tripnology is the gang that’ll give it to you. We live in the sleepy tropics so Porches aren’t big on our agenda, and we charge accordingly.
Also within our ranks is Trip Music, the solution to our broken CD player. Given time, Trip Music will move into the MP3 sale of music when encripted copyright distinguishes piracy from the long term players. For now it’s a channel of electric koolade chill. Try it. You’ll like it.

In these next few paragraphs we’ll let you in on who we are and where we’re at, why we’re here and what’s going on in Tropical North Queensland.

We’ll give you a fair few pointers about our region, advice on visas to get you in, on how to use our banks and lots of info about what to worry about, when, where and why. We’ll offer some tips for the young and the restless, along with the footloose and the curious. We’ll give you the lowdown on the local weather, tips on how to get around and basically lead you further into the foothills of our mountain of local knowledge.


Where To Stay?

We at DestinationEX have gone out of our way to get into other people’s beds, inspect their toilets, sample their cooking and then compare, judge and relate what they have to offer. We’ve even brought back video evidence so you can view the situation for yourself.

We are rather happy to report that there really is an exceptional variety of locations, styles, ambiences, price ranges, services, options and rare possibilities in Tropical North Queensland. A great place, even for a walk on the beach, it is just like using the best manual treadmill without the annoying part of staying at home.

We’ve peeked into backpacker hostels’ dormitory beds, we’ve had brunch in private B&Bs, luxuriated at five star resorts and checked out all manner of self-contained units. We’ve found out what you need to know and brought back the pixels.

So, if you need to book a conference or simply a well-earned break, compare panoramic views or just satiate your curiosity about our region, take a look inside DestinationEX.